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Commercial Projects for Clients, year 2017 - 2018. Please do not share.


Real-Time Car Models & CGI Presentation of it for / cAR App - AR AppStore (Germany only atm) /

Client: Mercedes-Benz (Daimler)
Agency: antoni garage
Project: A-Class Low-Poly Car Model & CGI Presentation of it with Animations captured in Unity3D for Ad Spot based on Agency Brief.
Brief: Create world-class quality Mercedes A-Class 2018 Low-Poly Model (Exterior & Interior) for latest Apple technology AR Kit on mobile devices. It came with different configurations of upholstery's, dashboard & Car Paint Materials. Developers requirements - model optimized by us to achieve 60FPS. We've used our own techique for modeling (all models crafted in-house manually by our 3D Artists) to achieve "high-polygon" look using Low Poly Model. In that project, we've also crafted Custom Shaders, Materials, Light Setups, Textures, Small Animations Clips of configurations switching. All Screens & Clips captured inside Unity3D.


Update 1.1 — World Premier of the new Mercedes GLE Car
Technical: Crafted in Unity3D — Model size 30MB with all the textures, triangle count 400k including Interior and Exterior, 80 Draw Calls on the Scene, 0 Dynamic Lights and Shadows on the scene.


Mercedes A-Class 2018 Marketing CGI Production

Client: Mercedes-Benz (Daimler)
Agency: antoni garage
Project: Marketing CGI Production Renders using Low Poly Models made by us for cAR App.
Brief: Achieve realistic CGI of new A-Class Model using Ray Tracing Engine.


Mercedes EQC WebGL 3D Model & Environment

Client: Mercedes-Benz (Daimler)
Agency: antoni garage
Project: Creating a 3D Model of the EQC Car in glTF format for WebGL.
Brief: Create an innovation real-time 3D car implemented on official Mercedes-Benz Website. Size of the model and environment should not exceed 6MB. Mercedes featured this project on their main website page.
Awards: This project was selected as Site of the Day on Awwwards Website