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Apocalypse 3D Pack

Apocalypse 3D Pack


Apocalypse Pack is an intuitive build-it-yourself pack containing 3D elements necessary to create small modular Apocalypse Vibe scene. It works perfect with popular Game Engines. It's a great pack for mobile, VR & desktop.

This pack contains 36 models which can help you to prototype, learn or create some small game based on that environment. We think it could be a great inspiration for something bigger. Note that all models are using baked textures. There are no seperated materials on each color.

What's Inside:

  • over 36 unique objects
  • 1 custom map
  • 20+ example scenes
  • Models inside: motorbike, truck, van, small car, trees, car wheel, boiler building, chimney, clif, electricity, bridge, fence, fence pillar, foliage bush, foliage tree, line, ladder, mountains, tire, sign, stone, bus, water tank, box, crocodile, character, energy line, flower, house, palette, street light,
  • allows to quickly create good looking city environments
  • FBX, OBJ, 3DS, MAX, Textures formats Included
  • Rendered using Octane Render & Unity3D
  • UnityPackage with 3 Example Scenes


  • active development & support
  • easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • clean hierarchy & correct size
  • each element has been carefully crafted, with in-game use optimization in mind.

Technical aspects:

  •  prebaked textures (for AO & better optimization)
  • correct proportions
  • triangles count starting from 20-2000 triangles
  • each model UV mapped (no overlapping UV's)
  • separated vehicles parts for steering
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