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Game Template

Game Template


Game Template is an set of environment elements with 150+ unique 3D models elements to build your beautiful nice looking & visual appealing Games or Prototypes.

What's Inside

  • 130 .fbx & .obj models
  • 5 Combined Maps .fbx & .obj models
  • 20 UV mapped .jpg textures
  • .UnityPackage with prefabed models, 5 scenes that comes with Color Grading & Lighting Setup


  • Each model got from 12-100 tris~
  • All elements made into prefabs
  • 4 Scenes Included - Learn how to achieve Light & Visual Effects
  • Quickly create awesome looking Prototype or Final Game Maps
  • Constant updates and new features
  • Active development & support
  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals

Mobile ready

This mega pack is right for you if you want highly optimized games. Mobile devices is on top right now and this packs is ideal for that sector but not only- all models got low poly wireframe so it is very good to make your games stable and very fast.

We are providing you with a 4 Sample Levels that has been made from game template elements, just build it on mobile and see how it works!

Technical Aspects

  • 150 + models in pack - each model got as low polygons as it was possible special created for games
  • All models are correctly prepared with correct UV'S, names, vertices welds, smoothing groups etc.
  • We are giving also three variants of colours to each texture and element
  • Update 1.3 15 New elements for creating 2.5D platform Games (more on screen below)
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