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Car Paint Pro

Car Paint Pro will help you to simulate next level photo-realistic visualizations of any kind metallic related materials in realtime using Unity3D Engine. Reflective Clear Coat, Metallic Flakes with Procedural Flake Tool, Overlay, Fresnel, Base Glossiness & Diffuse. This shader is mostly recommended for high-end workstations.


▲ This Pro Shader is a complex material with four layers: a base diffuse layer, a base glossy layer, reflective coating layer, overlay layer, fresnel layer, metallic flakes layer, and clear coat layer. The material allows the adjustment of each of these layers separately.
▲ There are four shaders included. The regular car paint shader has a ‘Base Paint’ layer and a ‘Reflective Coating’ layer. There is also a shader with an extra ‘Overlay’ layer available, this could be used for dirt, wear and decals. Both of these layers have a transparent and a opaque variant.

Technical aspects:

▲ Optimized and polished prefabed models
▲ 8k & 4k Environment Textures
▲ Correct proportions
▲ Car Triangle Count 300k~
▲ Separated vehicles parts for Car Configurations
▲ [IMPORTANT] Shaders are optimized for mobile, but example scenes are using Image Effects which may not work on mobile devices.

What's Inside:

▲ 4 Pro Clear Coat PBR Shader with 8 subshaders
▲ Procedurally Generated Flakes Tool
▲ 43 Example Scenes
▲ 5 Environment Scenes
▲ 3 Detailed Car Models
▲ 30 Camera Animations
▲ 5 HDR Images.
Full Documentation Included.