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— The Hunt

The Hunt — Unity Awards 2018 Winner in Best Artistic Category

The Hunt is a next-gen Unity3D project that explores new ways of asset creation. At beffio studio, we want to provide you with an experience that will inspire you to create something amazing in AAA quality. We have spent a lot of time on the idea, concept art, execution & even music composition, to give an asset of revolutionary quality, a tool to make your own story, using The Hunt content.

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// Process

The Hunt asset pack was crafted during several months of five artists hard work. At beffio studio, we make sure that art direction is consistent and well balanced. Our team on this project included Concept Artist, 3D Artists, Texture Artists, a Music Composer and Level Designer.

1. The Idea.
2. The Conceptual Work.
3. 3D Assets.
4. Level Design.

5. Animations used for the Character, FPS Hands, Sci-Fi Vehicle.
6. Color Grading.
7. Camera Composition.

8. Scene Setup with all settings ready to achieve this Sci-Fi look.
9. ADDITIONALLY: Music with SFX used in The Hunt trailer available in a separate asset 

First of all, we wanted to make sure that the world we were about to build would be intriguing and compelling. That's why, we started off with the creative concept, backed up by thumbnails and sketches to help us visualize as many interesting ideas as possible. Gradually, we developed the initial drafts further and the world of The Hunt started taking real shape. After this, it was time to get into 3D modeling and then final assembly & implementation into Unity3D game Engine. At the final stage, we put a lot of attention to color grading, composition, atmosphere, and overall mood. This futuristic city is an eclectic place with tons of different props. Next to high-end technology & devices we needed to create everyday objects that would give us some human context and make the scene more believable. Texturing phase was very important, as we could see the 3D models coming to live with rust, dirt, scratches or decals applied to them. Once everything was ready, it was time to work on some level design, which was actually the fun part. Seeing this futuristic city coming to life, with characters, vehicles, architecture and hundreds of the tiniest details, in Unity was a truly fascinating and satisfying experience. We created the world and fully immersed ourselves in it. And we hope you will too.  


// Introduction

Short after the Ultimate World Crisis, few remaining humans are being tracked down by Cyborgs - a genetically progressed fusion of Nature and Technology. They are being hunted, convicted and neutralized. The only way to survive in this oppressive, technocratic system is to remain human. And not get killed.


// Closeups

Attention to detail is very important to us and that’s why every asset in The Hunt pack looks great from any perspective, even in extreme close up. That’s what makes the real difference.


// Character

Every game needs a hero to effectively tell the story. The Hunt provides you with a next-gen character that will make your world more alive and believable.


// Level Design

Thanks to The Hunt you’ll be able to create a game environment that will be immersive and rich but also offering an enjoyable play experience.


// Game Elements

The Hunt offers plenty of elements that you’ll need for your game. Characters, vehicles, architectural elements, plenty of various props - they’re all here.


// Props

We know that even small props play a huge role in environment design and that’s why we carefully crafted every single one of them.


// Concept Art

This is basically how it all began. Before modeling and playing around in Unity we spent a lot of time on a visual development of The Hunt. It paid off.